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There are quite a few aspects of the Elio Motors project that draw interest. Some are attracted to the high gas mileage and our environmentally friendly nature, while others are interested in our commitment to American Manufacturing. The aspect that seems to invite the most inquiries, however, is our targeted low base price. Many ask how, when the average new vehicle is approximately four times the cost of the Elio, can we offer such a low base price?


There are several obvious ways that Elio Motors can offer an affordable vehicle. The most noticeable way we can find savings is by using fewer parts. While most vehicles on the road have four seats (or more) the Elio uses two. Additionally, the Elio requires only one door and three wheels. These components provide clear savings, but there are deeper, less noticeable savings. For example, the Elio needs only two seat belts, one door mechanism, and our three-wheel configuration provides savings when it comes to the suspension and braking systems. The savings begin in the simple math and continue when you consider that we are utilizing proven and existing components in our vehicle.


Each year, the automotive industry spends billions of dollars on Research and Development: $109 billion was spent in 2015 alone. While this research leads to new developments and better quality, these costs are inevitably passed along to the consumer. In the Elio, we will be using proven and existing components wherever possible throughout the vehicle.


Using proven and existing technology has multiple benefits. For one, we can save on research and development costs and pass these savings to our customers. Secondly, most components are used by at least one automotive manufacturer, and many by multiple major manufacturers, which means that we have a part that has millions upon millions of miles of real-world testing. We know that these components are tried and true, leading to a quality vehicle. Finally, many of these components are readily available and can be found at your local parts store, making the Elio a convenient vehicle to own.


Below is a breakdown of some of the off-the-shelf components we will be using in the Elio.


While we’ve talked at length about the front seat, there are many interior parts which you may not commonly think about. Parts such as the vent assembly, door striker, and window regulator mechanism are all important off-the-shelf components.



For convenience and savings, we are using many proven and existing components. For example, if your wipers or wiper system needs replacement, they will be readily available in the market.


Power Train

For Elio owners who enjoy performing maintenance on their vehicles, many powertrain components and normal replacement items will be widely available.



You may have never heard of the parts that make up the chassis, however they play an important role in the quality of the vehicle, and include important maintenance and wear items.



It’s been said that with the Elio, there is something for everyone to like. Whether your focus is on fuel-efficiency, creating American jobs, or just finding an affordable commuter vehicle, we’ve got the vehicle for you.

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