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E1-D On Its Way to HVAC Partner

Sometimes it takes a journey out of your comfort zone to appreciate something. Take your vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, for instance. This time of year, in many places across the country, you may not think of your HVAC. Thanks to the scorching temperatures regularly experienced in Shreveport and Phoenix, and the bone-chilling cold often felt in Michigan, we at Elio Motors appreciate HVAC year-round. In this week’s Momentum, we are excited to announce another addition to our supplier partner list: our American HVAC supplier RedDOT.

As a regular reader of the Momentum, you most likely know that we have moved from the prototype phase to the testing and validation stage. The plan is to build a total of 23 engineering vehicles, each of which will be used for various testing and validation purposes. Several of these E-Series vehicles will be used to test multiple functions.

In July, we unveiled the E1-A, which is being used to fine tune the Elio’s braking system by our supplier, Continental. Each vehicle will be supplied to one or more of our partners to ensure that important systems offer optimum safety, comfort, longevity, and drivability of the Elio. As we speak, the E1-D is in transit, on its way to Seattle, Washington to begin testing by our HVAC supplier, RedDOT.

The E1-D is on its way to Seattle, Washington, to begin testing by our HVAC supplier RedDOT.
RedDot is an employee-owned, American manufacturer with several locations across the United States. The applications for RedDOT’s products are about as unique as the Elio itself. While nearly half of its major customer groups are comprised of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), it is also a manufacturer for the construction, agriculture, and military industries. RedDOT has been a supplier for Daimler Trucks North America, Caterpillar, John Deere, and many more world-class manufacturers.

As a result of RedDOT’s diverse clientele, it has adopted a solution-based business model. If a company comes to RedDOT with a unique situation or need, RedDOT will respond with an equally creative solution. Its versatility makes for a great fit with the Elio’s uniqueness. As the Elio seats two in tandem, a unique heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is needed to ensure optimum comfort for both driver and passenger. Enter RedDOT.

RedDOT will supply and test the heating, ventilation, cooling, and defrost components of the Elio. The American company is excited to work with Elio Motors and has proven to be a great partner so far by already delivering several HVAC units in well under customary time frames.

The testing conducted by RedDOT will ensure that Elio Motors’ customers will be comfortable in all situations. From blistering heat to chilling cold, and everything in between, RedDOT’s testing will confirm that the Elio will be well-equipped to handle every scenario. In the next several weeks, we will be gladly sharing the results of the testing. <Spoiler alert: there will be some incredible pictures and video.>

We are excited to welcome RedDOT to the Elio Motors family and we look forward to seeing the solutions they provide for our customers.

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