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Valentine’s Day 2016

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Happy Friday Elio’ers! How was your Super Bowl recovery? We managed to make it in on Monday, unlike the estimated 16.5 million people that missed the day after the big game around our country this week. To be fair, 10.5 million of them had the foresight to take the day off, great call, but the other five million evidently had to do the “this is my voice when I have the flu” voice. Good luck with that. I bet there would be a lot of national support for making Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. Where do we start that movement?

From the Super Bowl to another “holiday” this weekend with Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, you are ahead of the rush and have purchased your significant other whatever you do for V-Day. I need to make sure that Sunday morning my local store isn’t packed with other men vying over the last 15 cards. It is the thought that counts, right?

The Elio is definitely something that is easy to fall in love with for many people. It is still amazing how many people will see the Elio for the first time at an event and immediately come over and start the process. It goes something like this:

What’s this?

How much?

No, really, how much?

Six Thousand Eight Hundred, not sixty-eight thousand?

Is is legal in _______?

How many does it hold?

Made where?


That is how it starts. From there the conversation blossoms. Every single person, almost literally every person, allows the possibility of what the Elio can do for them work through their minds ultimately ending in “yeah, I would buy this.” It is an amazing love story in the works, perfect for Valentines Day.

Here is a Valentine gift for you, our fans, from the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. This is a cell phone shot, making it kind of a secret between us! You can use this as a screen saver too if you would like, the color is perfect for this time of year!


Elio Preview Tour

February 12-18 – No tour stop this week

Thanks for your support!

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