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Veteran’s Day, Website, and More…


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Tomorrow, November 11th, is Veteran’s Day, one of the most important days of the year. Along with Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day allows every American to reflect and give thanks to the millions of men and women who have served and sacrificed in the United States’ armed forces. Words simply fail to express the gratitude we feel for their service, and we should all attempt to be thankful and mindful of their service year-round and not just twice a year. To all our veterans, a sincere thank you from us.


We think that the Elio is a unique vehicle and that this uniqueness makes the Elio incredibly versatile. With our high gas mileage, a front-to-back configuration, and futuristic design, the Elio can be used for a variety of different purposes. In last week’s blog, we highlighted just a few different applications for the Elio, including newspaper delivery, pizza delivery, and storm chasers. As we are often wont to do, we asked our creative supporters if they had any ideas on how to use the Elio. True to form, our supporters came through in a big way with some other smart uses for the Elio!

Here are some of our favorites:

“I think with new modern electronic equipment that is so small, that TV news people or radio people could cover live events with an Elio for transportation. Their equipment would be small enough now to fit into the back of an Elio and the savings would be really great as now they use vans” Larry

“I plan on using my Elio driving to and photographing comparable properties as a Real Estate Appraiser. One of the problems most, if not all, appraisers have is taking photographs of comparable properties safely. With two close by roll down windows, one on each side of the vehicle, it will no longer be necessary to turn around the car for photos when the house is on the wrong side of the street.” – Jeffrey

“The Elio is perfect for security officer patrol of parking lots, shopping centers, hospital grounds, college campuses, corporate headquarters, power plants, industrial plants, gated communities, campsites, resorts, and museums. The cost of the Elio would be extremely attractive to these companies, as well as the gas mileage. Also, the size is perfect for a one-person patrol.” – Kevin

“I plan to use my Elio for catering and deliveries for my downtown Salad restaurant in Denver” – Bob

“You seem to be pushing the utilitarian uses for an Elio, commuting, delivery vehicle, etc.. How about the fun factor of carving mountain roads and day trips on twisty roads?? Some of us are retired and don’t need a commuter car.” – Jon

Fishing and Hunting. I fish and hunt solo. No buddy riding along.” – Tom

Thanks to everyone who sent in their ideas- great stuff!

Before we leave you for the Veteran’s Day weekend, we wanted to direct you to our website. If you only open our emails and don’t occasionally peruse the homepage, you won’t notice a new look to the website. Our goal is to constantly improve the look and functionality of our website, so go check out the changes to the homepage!

Thanks for your support and Happy Veteran’s Day!

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