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Wall Street Journal Report: Elio’s Quest | Elio Momentum v5

Wall Street Journal Weighs in on Elio, Highlights Funding Efforts

Every start-up, and every entrepreneur, faces a bit of an uphill climb. Getting from concept to production and ultimately to profitability provides new challenges every day. Funding is certainly among the biggest and that’s something we’ve shared about Elio Motors in the past.

But, another challenge for any new company or brand is visibility. Who will buy your product if no one knows your story? Who will invest in your dream?

We’ve taken a big step on both of these fronts. Paul Elio and his quest to build an affordable, highly fuel-efficient vehicle was the subject of a feature article in this week’s Wall Street Journal. The article presents a balanced view into Elio Motors, even quoting one analyst who is an admitted skeptic <Learn how $6,800 is possible>, serving as a reminder that industry critics are also key motivators that keep us forging ahead, and in the process make the Elio even better.

As we continue to seek funding for the company, the visibility created by this type of media coverage is invaluable. Investors, industry icons and opinion leaders all read the Wall Street Journal. Educating these influencers about Elio Motors will have a positive impact on our fundraising efforts, which is yet another opportunity that will help us reach our production goal more quickly.

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