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Yes, More Elio Accessories | Elio Momentum v69

Elio Motors Momentum v69


Accessorize Your Elio, Your Way

It’s been about six months since we introduced the Elio Motors ePlus: My Elio. My Way. mass-personalization plan that will allow you to choose — and pay for — only the options you want and need. We also provided a link to our ePlus Customization site, where you can review available options and design your Elio exactly the way you want.

How did our fans respond? More than a quarter of a million unique visitors surfed the site to personally explore the options with more than 10,000 creating their own custom Elio to share with friends and family and save for when it’s time to do the real deal.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular options selected on the ePlus Customization site:

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (38%) – Rather than getting out your pocket tire guage, a new option is growing in popularity which is why thissafety-related option garnered the most interest.
  • Rear Spoiler (38%) – Okay, we know the Elio is a practical solution to your transportation needs, but we also know our customers want practicality and style to go hand-in-hand. The Elio lends itself well to a multitude of sporty options, with its unique lines and shape.
  • Enhanced Speakers (34%) – Did we mention that as a very personal brand of transportation, the Elio can also offer a unique audio experience? Perhaps we should also position the Elio’s interior as a rolling boombox.
  • Park Assist (34%) – If you’re not a world-class parallel parker, Park Assist will help de-stress some of the most nerve-wracking driving maneuvers that most do their best to avoid whenever possible.
  • Enhanced Removable Stereo (33%) – Although the Enhanced Removable Stereo pairs well with the Enhanced Speakers, the stereo is as much about mobility options for your lifestyle (read: portability of your tunes), as it is about premium sound.
  • Retro Wheels & Fenders (29%) – Again, safety and fuel mileage are essential, but nothing says “stylin” like a classic retro look.

Now, if you’re really into technology, you might consider an Elio Motors Head-Up Display. In addition to having a photochromatic “screen” for glare control, it can connect to your smartphone for navigation and it can use gesture control to answer and reject incoming phone calls. Plus, blind-spot detection and a backup camera will be features available in the future on the configurator. We anticipate this latest option will generate one of the highest levels of interest among our consumers.

Head-Up_Display.jpgElio Motors Head-Up Display.

Of course, since we are constantly adding new accessories to our list of options, we love hearing what most interests you. In fact, we recently heard from one of our Elio reservation holders who plays a Miraphone tuba (weighing 18 lbs.) in a brass sextet who would like a way to transport it in his Elio. While the Elio was really designed to move people, we’re all about supporting the lifestyle you love. As we continue to explore various vendors, we will most definitely be keeping this request in mind.

In case you missed the most recent additions to our accessory line-up, you can see a few of them here:

Elio Motors Bike Rack                                                                                                                  Elio Motors Board Rack



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