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Yes We Can – 7-4-14


Happy Friday Elio’ers and Happy Fourth of July!  We hope you had a chance to spend today with friends and family and are getting ready to take in your favorite fireworks display.  The Fourth of July, Independence Day, is the official date of the birth of our amazing country and we hope you are able to celebrate it with fervor and zeal.


Independence Day rings true to Elio Motors in a number of important ways.  We are obviously committed to making the US stronger by manufacturing the Elio here in Louisiana as well as sourcing as many parts as we are able to in North America (90%+).   The pursuit of freedom is also very important to us.  Our vision of freedom is to make it possible for everyone who today may be limited by an unreliable vehicle and/or one that sucks up way too much money through the gas tank to have a viable transportation option.  The same thing applies to those that may be limited by public transportation.  Some of our cities do an amazing job, but many people in our country can only travel to certain areas at certain times.  The Elio on the other hand will give people the freedom to work where they want, when they want and have additional monies to do with which they choose also.

Another way we relate to our early American settlers and the leaders that signed the Declaration of Independence is “fortitude.”  The pure dogged determination they showed to create such a great country is a true testament to the will and passion that is America.  Most great accomplishments come with some form of pain or naysayers.  Where would we be today if we had listened to these famous quotes:

“There is world market for maybe 5 computers” by the chairman of IBM, Thomas Watson in 1943, or

Professor Pachet who said “Louis Pasteur’s theory of germs is ridiculous fiction.”

Almost every big invention or advancement has been told that it is impossible/can’t be done/not needed/etc. at one time or another.  America and Americans understand that in order to survive and evolve, you need innovation and change.  Elio Motors is simple, brilliant, and ingenious and is the next big thing in transportation, that will help keep us ahead of the pack.  Much like the famous quote from the president of the Michigan Savings Bank to Henry Ford’s lawyer Horace Rackham (as part of the argument not to invest in Ford):

“The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty—a fad”.

Just envision what transportation would have looked like today if they didn’t believe and Mr. Ford didn’t try?

We hope that you enjoy your Fourth of July holiday weekend (3-day weekend for most!) and get a chance to make a memory!


This week on the Preview Tour:

Today,  July 4;  Tacoma, WA;  Freedom Fair: Parking Lot near Duke’s Chowder House 3327 Ruston Way – Look for “Smoke N Thunder” Jet Car we are there!

Sunday, July 6;  Tacoma, WA Freedom Festival – Tacoma Narrows Airfield –  Look for “Smoke N Thunder” Jet Car – 11am – 5pm

Next Weekend: Portland OR, times and Location TBD

As always, thank you for your continued support and have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

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