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Your Top Reservation Questions Answered


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Did you make it through last weekend’s sports explosion? The Kentucky Derby, The Fight of the (fill in your own time exaggeration), the NFL Draft, NHL and NBA playoffs and baseball is rolling into May. That is quite a weekend for sports lovers! Is it me or can you hear the natural call coming out of a basketball announcer’s mouth of “and that is your Elio Motors 3-point shot of the day!” The Elio Three Point Challenge! The Elio Field Goal of the day.  The Elio Motors Par Three Championship… the opportunities are endless!

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Speaking of “it’s gooooood!” let’s talk reservations. We know many of you that read the blog are followers and reservation holders and we thank you for your support. We do have followers and readers that have yet to  climb aboard and those folks ask most (but not all) of the questions we tackle this week with our most asked reservation questions. Let’s take a look:

  • Does my reservation money go towards the vehicle as a down payment?
    • Yes! Because your reservation amount goes towards the final price of your Elio, this also means it goes towards your down payment. In addition, the reservation creates and holds a place in line to receive it. An added bonus: if you have made an “All In” reservation, Elio will give you an additional 50% (up to $500) to put down towards your Elio in addition to your reservation amount. So, your $1000 “All In” reservation gets you a prime spot in line and $1,500 toward (your $1,000 and $500 from us).
  • Can I add money to my reservation?
    • Yes, you can add more to your reservation (after making an original reservation), up to $1,000. The process is done through “Upgrades” which can be found here. An important note in regards to upgrades, is that you can only do it in set increments outlined on the website. Those increments are: $100 to $500, $100 to $1,000, $250 to $1,000 and $500 to $1,000. If you make another reservation instead of an upgrade, the system reserves you another vehicle as it will not add the reservations together. So if you think you have a $200 reservation, you actually have 2 $100 reservations.  Send us an email if you feel that you may have made a mistake, we can fix most anything!
  • When do I get my Spot In Line email?
    • Spot in Line (SIL) emails go out every 8 weeks, give or take, to new reservations and upgrades only. The best news… The next email goes out next Friday, May 15th! This email will cover all new $1,000 “All In” reservations as well as all reservation holders that upgraded to $1,000 “All In” since March 12th. Remember, if you have received a SIL email before or made your reservation/upgrade before March 12, 2015 you will not receive another email with your spot in line, it is only sent to the new members of this $1,000 “All In” club.
  • I used two emails for my reservation and upgrade, is that OK?
    • If you intend for them to be together as a single reservation, they need to be on the same email. We use email as the primary point of reference for the system. We chose email because they are all unique, whereas names are not. You wouldn’t believe how many people who have made a reservation and have the same name and sometimes even the same city! So, if you have different emails in the system and expect them to be together, shoot us an email and we can clean that up.

Still have a question, shoot us an email!

The Elio Preview Tour:

May 8-10: Richmond, VA – Stony Point Fashion Park – near Panera Bread – 9200 Stony Point Parkway: Fri – 10am-9pm Sat – 10am – 9pm Sun 12pm-6pm – P4 show

Remember to check the website for future locations for the Preview Tour here.

Thanks as always for your continued support!


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